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Vanish Magazine - FIVE STARS - "This is the type of tool that people could use to start a religion on! "


The most user friendly Mentalism app, designed with the assistant in mind. In connection with Hearsay PRO, this app is a no brainer when it comes to sending and receiving audio transmissions.


This product is designed to work with the Hearsay Pro and Assist apps found on the Apple store for IOS devices.


You will receive both custom made gimmicks. 1 for standard performance and 1 for covert performance. Your purchase will include a full instructional video showing how to set up the gimmicks and walk through of how to use the apps.


What comes in the box?


- Full instructional video walking you through the set up of the gimmicks and apps.

-1 Custom handmade blindfold with special audio gimmick. (Standard Mode) UPDGRADED

-1 Very special no earpiece gimmick with BT connection for IOS. (Covert Mode) UPGRADED

- Charging cables - UPGRADED

- Quick set up guide

- BONUS both modes, standard and covert, come with the ability to thump the  performer in real time.

- This product has the ability to perform inception with a audience member in real time. 


The possibilities are endless with this product. You are not limited to only 1 or 2 effects. You can use Hearsay for an entire show or only a portion. Once you are set up you are ready to go you can use Hearsay whenever you want and as much as you like. No Palming. Can be performed with sleves rolled up.

Hearsay Gimmicks VERSION 2 UPGRADED

  • There are no returns and or refunds as per the nature of this product and the intellectual property involved. 

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